Welcome to my Website.
People call me Creator Bolzef.
Active in the fields of Illustration, Art and Social Media,
I dedicate my creations in a mysterious, artistic, imaginative way to the individual, memories, interaction, play, un-belief and evolution through constant creation.
My tools? A symbiosis of digital painting with Krita, Inkscape vector graphics, CGI and watercolours, as well as photography, mixed media and various micro-applications. 
Contact me at: bolzef@t-online.de

I received my artistic education since school time in the elective subject acting and design, art club and watercolour courses of the VHS Templin,
then for a total of 9 years studying at FKÜ Überlingen, fadbk Essen and HfbK Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, as well as continuous, intensive self-study. 

Influences on my work worth mentioning would be
the teachers R. Panknin, S. Janiel, T. Ruch,
Lectures and events of the EKO-Haus Düsseldorf 2008-10,
the B3 Autumn School 2014,
the well-kept cultural treasure of Japan,
further training and certification as a Social Media- Content Marketing Manager.