⇒ ★Note: Dear visitors... [2]

The break is extended by another month. I am currently working on a new basic design.
I'll probably be back here at the beginning of May 2023.


Dear Visitors,

I am happy that over almost 2 years you have grown to more than 3000 a month. However, I decided to take a little break to optimize bolzef.de and give it more structure.

If you want to help me with this, I would be very grateful if you'd take part in the survey and send me your feedback. So it would be better possible for me to react to what you like.

If the waiting time is a little too long, you can perhaps sweeten it with the beach beauties on Qtasis. An 2nd Bolzef project with weekly uploads.

Otherwise I'll probably be back at the end of March.

Best wishes,
Creator Bolzef.